Economic Incentive Grants have been utilized to assist businesses with new road infrastructure and fiber optic installs.

Tax Increment Financing (TIF)

If your project requires public infrastructure improvements such as roads, water, sewer, etc., TIFs can be utilized to either finance the City's contribution towards that infrastructure or reimburse the private developer for their contribution up to a negotiated amount.

In accordance with all policies and structure set forth in the ORC 5709.40, 5709.41, 5709.411, 5709.42, and 5709.43, the City of Delaware may utilize Tax Increment Financing tax incentives to assist in paying for public infrastructure for an economic development project when the parcel is not within an existing Tax Increment Financing District.


  • Anything over 50% of tax reallocation for anything over 10 years, must be approved by the impacted school districts.
  • Generally, to protect the schools and with the schools' consent, these Tax Increment Financing (TIF) agreements will allow for reallocation of up to 100% of non-school real property taxes that have not already been abated and all but 50% of school real property taxes that have not already been abated to a public infrastructure project agreed upon by the City and the Business/Developer. This still must be negotiated with the City and school district.
  • Accepted usages include:
    Transportation infrastructure development and/or improvements; and
    - Utility infrastructure development and/or improvements.
  • Parcels within the Sawmill Parkway TIF District have already been allocated toward the city’s portion of the Sawmill Parkway Extension and are subject to the Sawmill Parkway TIF agreement with the affected School Districts.

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