The Sawmill Parkway Extension is open for your business!

The City of Delaware's most significant transportation project for the last 30 years officially opened on November 10, 2015! This 4-lane boulevard connects a full intersection at US42 to the former terminus point at Hyatt's Rd. in southern Delaware County. Vehicles can now easily commute from the City of Delaware's southwest area to Powell, Dublin, Lewis Center, Worthington and most importantly, I270. A commute to any of these communities or transportation points has been easily reduced by up to 15 minutes as every intersection south of US42 is a roundabout. 


The City of Delaware is excited about the opening of the Sawmill Parkway extension from Hyatts Rd. to about 1/3 of a mile west of past a new full intersection at US42. To allow for this new transportation infrastructure to make its largest impact on the economic prosperity of the region, we are working diligently to strategically plan the areas around the Sawmill Parkway extension. The policies, goals, and objectives contained within our Comprehensive Plan place a focus on this area as the major manufacturing and jobs producing center of the community serving as the heart of the City’s industrial base. The development of a strategic plan for the area that builds upon and further refines the objectives contained within our Comprehensive Plan which calls for prioritized economic clusters of development may lead to concepts such as cluster business parks within targeted industries. This strategic effort includes critical analysis of infrastructure requirements beyond Sawmill Parkway in order to serve the area in a well-managed and sustainable way while achieving consistency with our Comprehensive Plan and Economic Development Plan to help create new high wage jobs for our resident labor force and the labor force of the region.


The City of Delaware has been home to JEGs, the world's largest retailer or specialty aftermarket automotive equipment, since the 1990s. This $2.9 billion dollar retail industry is fueled by manufacturers, distributors, R&D centers, service providers and retailers all over the world.

With a central location, the City of Delaware is only 32 miles from the Transportation Research Center's test track ( This 4,500 acre facility includes a 7.5 test track in addition to other testing facilities. The "Transportation Research Center is an independent automotive proving ground providing research and development, and compliance and certification testing for vehicles and components, for crash testing, emissions testing, dynamic testing and durability testing."

In the other direction, the City of Delaware is only 22 miles from Ohio State University's Center for Automotive Research ( The Center has been a major contributor to product development and optimization globally. It was worked with manufacturers from all sectors of the automotive industry.

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course ( is only 44 miles north of the City of Delaware. This is a world-class racing facility in Mansfield, Ohio.

PPG's aftermarket automotive paint division also has called Delaware home since 1960. Our facility is the largest producer of waterborne aftermarket automotive paint in the nation.


  • Acreage: ~580 acres of annexed land on the Southeast side of US42; hundreds of additional non-annexed and non-zoned land on the Northwest side of US42.
  • Zoning: M-1, but may work with a developer to develop a Planned Industrial District (PID) overlay.
  • Access: This limited access road provides 3 intersections into the sites. We are planning to intersect the northwestern access point with a planned JEG's Blvd. extension which will provide access points on either side. 
  • Distance to Main Arterial Roads: 
    • US42 - Intersecting
    • US23 - 2 miles
    • US33 - 10 miles
    • US36 to Marysville - 2 miles
    • I71 - 10 miles
    • I270 - 12 miles
  • Target Industries:
    • Specialty Automotive Aftermarket Equipment Manufacturing and R&D Cluster
    • Other Boutique Manufacturers
    • Other R&D
    • Technology Related Businesses
    • Business Services and Financial Offices
  • Incentives:
    • Tax Increment Financing - 100% - Already in place to assist in financing Sawmill Parkway
    • Community Reinvestment Area (CRA) Tax Abatements - Up to 100% for up to 15 year property tax abatements on vertical improvements (buildings)
    • Performance Based Economic Incentive Grant - Grants to assist in development of property including infrastructure, utilities, communications, etc. based on a percentage in your company's income taxes for a maximum of five years
    • Revolving Loan Fund - Loans of up to $350,000 through our partnership with the Economic and Community Development Institute (ECDI)
  • Airport: The City of Delaware's Municipal airport features a 5,800 ft. runway capable of serving significant corporate jet traffic. NetJets provides service in and out of our airport. We also can provide shuttle service to and from the airport.

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