South Sandusky welcomes new pet boutique.

Kim Zoob and her family are big dog people, and by that I mean they are BIG dog people. They have two Great Danes and an English bulldog, all of which were rescues. The family’s only complaint with having Great Danes is that finding clothes for them is challenging…unless they wanted to just get them spiked collars. The Zoobs wanted collars that would fit their dogs’ tender and sweet personalities, so Kim began making her dogs collars. Hence, Real Big Puppy was born. 

Real Big Puppy has been an online business for about a year and a half and in that time, built up a great following. The business sells collars that Kim hand-makes, toys that are durable and big enough to handle the strength of large breeds as well as leashes, bowls and rugs. The store isn’t limited to just products for large dogs and has something for every size.

With the success of their online retail store, they decided to expand to a brick and mortar model. They looked in other communities but really loved the atmosphere of downtown Delaware.  

“We really like the change that’s been happening downtown,” Zoob said.

In addition to all the products the business sold online, Real Big Puppy offers their customers a great dog washing station in the back of the store. The tubs are made for any breed and have every product you need onsite: all-natural soaps, conditioners, towels

and a fur dryer. Each bath will cost $15 for your first dog, and $12 for each additional dog. If you sign up to be part their loyalty program, your pet will get their tenth bath free!

After the doggie makeovers, Kim takes pictures of her clients and hangs them on a board. She knows all of the dog clients by name.

Zoob sees the business doing a lot of partnerships with businesses and has already had conversations with the local humane society about hosting events downtown. She is a big advocate for getting pets from shelters and says she will give special discounts to people who volunteer to foster dogs from shelters.

The Zoobs had a great turnaround with their space and converted
heir store into Real Big Puppy in a matter of just a couple months.  She owes a lot of the process to the City of Delaware’s team for making it easier.

"Everyone from the City was great and helpful. It was a positive experience," she said, "The town couldn't be more welcoming."

So next time you’re strolling down Sandusky Street, pay Kim a visit at 28B S. Sandusky! You may be greeted by her four-legged assistant, Oakley.


  • Type of Business: Retail
  • Number of employees: 2


  • Permit guidance
  • Location assistance


Sean Hughes M.S.
Economic Development Director
Business Concierge

Kelsey Scott

Economic Development Specialist
Business Concierge

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