WHAT: Delaware City Council voted on October 23, 2017 to establish a Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA) in the downtown. A DORA is just that, a designated public area where alcoholic beverages (limited to beer and wine) can legally be consumed. In Delaware’s case, this will allow for the consumption of beer and wine (no spirituous liquor) during special events only. Special events are defined as events that require an event permit from the City of Delaware. It will be up to the event organizer to determine if the event will be a DORA event.

WHEN: Wednesday & Thursday from 4 PM - 10 PM; Friday - Sunday 11 AM - 10 PM

WHERE: Central Avenue to Spring Street & Union Street to Franklin Street. See map below for further detail.

HOW: Participating restaurants will have blue cups with their name available for you to purchase. These cups allow you to explore and enjoy our downtown with a beverage of your choice (limited to beer and wine). As a reminder, these blue cups cannot be taken from one establishment into another establishment with a liquor license or those that have posted that they will not allow them inside their business.

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